Format change!

As it’s been over two years since I last made a standard blog entry, I’ve decided to rethink the structure of my website. I originally intended to make this page a regular forum for essays and commentary, but the sad truth is that I just don’t have the time (or maybe the strong opinions) to make that worthwhile. Let’s face it, the last thing the world needs is yet another playwright pontificating about what’s wrong with American theater today. (Though there really are a lot of things wrong with American theater today.) So, what was a blog will now become a newsfeed: my posts will be information about upcoming play productions and readings. And who knows, maybe I will slip in an opinion piece every now and then.

I’m also adding a new page, Upcoming. Well, actually it’s just a revamped version of my old home page, which is now no longer my home page. This will list all upcoming events in a simple, chronological format.

I’m hoping this will make the site easier to read. No, I lie. I’m just hoping it will make the site easier to update.

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