WBUR (Best of 2014 Theater): “The BU-affiliated BPT fielded Megan Schy Gleeson’s effectively filmy world-premiere staging of Peter M. Floyd’s moving yet antic portrait of a feisty lady not going gentle into that good night of dementia.

TheaterMania:Floyd’s play, which moves from family interworking through interior whimsy toward something almost magisterial, finds touching, interesting ways through which to dramatize Helen’s inevitable shedding of self.”

The Harvard Crimson:With a thought-provoking and slippery narrative, Floyd challenges the audience to question what happens if every small memory that defines us slowly gets boxed up and taken off stage.”

My Entertainment World:Playwright Peter M. Floyd does a wonderful job of dissecting and exploring the many daily struggles of living with dementia, and living and loving someone who struggles with such illness.”

The New England Theater Geek:Moments of comedy and wit cut the darkness down to lingering shadows, but this is a play that will continue to make you think and feel long after you’ve left the theatre.”

Wicked Local: “[A] beautiful story – not sentimental, not in any way relying on faith, and filled with unexpected levity.”

Emertainment Monthly:Peter M. Floyd offers a thoroughly realistic depiction of the harrowing effects of dementia on one’s mind and family.”

Boston Arts Review: “[E]ven if you haven’t had a brush with dementia, you can appreciate the story telling and the real ring of truth.”

Broadway World:Without sidestepping the harsh reality, Floyd mixes wit and poignance with incisive characterization to create a touching slice of life.”

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