Return of the Naughty Readings

In the fall of 2006, when I was but a fledgeling playwright, my short play “Big Eddie” appeared as part of the Image Theater‘s second annual Naughty Readings in Lowell. And what are the Naughty Readings? [I hear you asking.] These are a set of staged readings of short comic plays that deal with matters of sex, interspersed with hilarious and off-color songs. No, it’s not Oh, Calcutta; there’s no nudity, and honestly not much that you wouldn’t hear in a Netflix show. But you probably wouldn’t want to bring your kids.

I’m happy to report that ten years later, both Image Theater and the Naughty Readings are going strong. And I’ll be back in them this year, with my never-before-performed play “Michael Isn’t Yours.”  The readings will be at the Old Court Irish Pub on Saturday, November 12 (yes, one night only). Please come, and leave your pruderies at the door.

Tickets available here

The Naughty Readings 2016
Old Court Irish Pub
 29-31 Central St
Lowell, MA 01852
November 12, 2016

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