Return of the Hovey Summer Shorts

For the fourth year in a row, a play of mine will be appearing in the Hovey Players’ Summer Shorts in Waltham, MA. I’m always happy to have my work done at Hovey, as my relationship with the company dates from before I ever wrote my first play, having appeared in their production of J.B. Priestly’s Dangerous Corner back in 2003. This year, the Shorts will be including my play “Objective,” directed by Luke Bruneaux. In the lineup are many other talented playwrights, including Hortense Gerardo, Patrick Gabridge,  Christopher Lockheardt, Deirdre Girard, and Vladimir Zelevinsky. The Shorts run from July 10th through July 18. Tickets may be reserved at 781-893-9171.

Hovey Players: Summer Shorts
Abbott Memorial Theater
9 Spring Street at Joel’s Way
Waltham, MA 02451
July 10 – July 18 2015

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